Author name: Lubna Alkhen

Dawah in Islam

Importance of Dawah in Islam

Inviting others to learn and understand Islam is known as “Dawah”; it helps individuals better understand the religion. Islam places great importance on dawah, and it involves guiding both non-Muslims towards Islam and Muslims to strengthen their belief.  The Quran encourages Muslims to avoid forcing non-believers to convert to Islam.  Allah says: {لَاۤ إِكۡرَاهَ فِی …

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Sheikh Yusef Estes’ Journey

Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters, We are pleased to present an inspiring journey featuring an MVP-led trip with Sheikh Yusef Estes, a renowned and highly respected figure in the Muslim community.  With his vast knowledge and experience, Sheikh Yusef Estes has dedicated his life to spreading the message of Islam. Through our captivating speeches with …

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Interfaith Dialogue in Front of the White House | A Symbol of Hope for the Future

At the heart of democracy, in front of the iconic White House. Muslim Voice for Peace team gathers every Saturday, rain or shine, to promote peace and understanding through conversation and discussion. This initiative  involves engaging with the public, answering questions, and distributing Islamic literature. Street Dawah is a reminder of the importance of working …

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Muhammad Ali’s Legacy

Greetings, dear supporters of Muslim Voice for Peace We are delighted to share some thrilling updates and insights into our recent endeavors, which have been made possible through our team members’ hard work and dedication. 1. A Unique Event with Dr. Khalila: In a memorable event, we had the privilege of hosting Dr. Khalila, the …

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